Pressure Type: Electric Pressure
Portion Size: 10 Cups / 1.8L
Voice Navigation: None
Voltage: AC120V / 60hz
Wattage: 1150W
Product Weight: 15 lb
Manufactured: South Korea
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
Compatible Cover Packing: CCP-10

Availability: Out of stock

Additional Info
Additional Info
Cups 10 Cups
Color Black
Cooking Functions Glutinous Rice, Brown Rice, Mixed Rice, Germinated Brown Rice (GABA), High Heat Nutritious Rice, High Heat Brown Rice, High Heat Mixed Rice, Turbo Glutinous Rice, Porridge
Screen Type LCD
Safety Features Remaining Pressure Emitting Device
Navigation Panel Pressable Button
Pressure Type Electric Pressure
Voice Navigation None
Inner Coating X-Wall Black Shine
Inner Pot Material Aluminium
Outer Inner Pot Coating Wide & Flat
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